Wear it as a morning gown, evening dress or as an open cardigan. Home in the sofa, at the office or in the bar. That is our mindset. Be cosy, fancy or whatever you want. Be comfortable. We are passionate about long lasting wear and to create tomorrow’s classics – favourites to love for years to come.

The fit is for all women. We strongly believe that good design for curves, breasts and the different kind of bodies adds a boost to all women. This design is not only sketched for size small. It is designed for the women body and fits perfect on all different female forms and shapes. The charm is the different expressions it gives. A timeless style that you never get tired of.

Long-lasting classics are good for the environment. We want to invest in good fashion and skip ”wear and tear” clothes. To create sustainable fashion is our goal. The fabrics are carefully selected. The colors are picked with a long-term approach. A lot of reflection are behind every Gowna.



Gowna is a Swedish fashion brand with a passion for high-quality garments that fits all women shapes. In spring 2020, the founder Lovisa Hellström launched her first women’s piece. At start, she made the designs together with her friend Johanna Matsdotter and graphic designer Elina Christiansen. That is the beginning of Gowna. The brand stands out from the women’s fashion because of it´s classic timeless design and large area of use. When Lovisa and Johanna started with the designs in 2017, the main thought was to design a nice and comfortable morning gown that you would be able to use on mostly all types on occations.

In the trendy society we live in today, there are rarely timeless clothes that are desiged after a curved body. To design garments after curves and the different shapes of women are a driving force in her work.

Lovisa will continue creating timeless pieces that will complete your wardrobe for a long time to come.



Gowna is currently represented online and in following stores

www.beyondus.se - Malmö, Sweden

www.facebook.com/butikstudioina - Ängelholm, Sweden

www.gowna.se - Web, Malmö based, Sweden