The Gowna is made of Roman Combed Cotton. Spandex and nylon are added for best comfort and stretch.

62% Cotton
33% Nylon
5% Spandex


It is made from the cotton plants. Before manufacturing, the fabric goes through a combing process where the dirt and short fibers are removed. It requires a lot more extra work and therefore creates a stronger, softer and smoother fabric then regular cotton.

Take good care of it and it will be a favorite to love for years to come.


Cotton is usually easy to wash. Wash it gentle in 30 degrees. Use cold water when washing your cotton garments in order to prevent them from shrinking. Do not tumble dry your cotton garments - it might cause them to shrink and loose glow. 

- Make sure your Gowna is turned inside out when you wash it.
- Wash it separately the first time due to surplus dye.
- Do not tumble dry, but hang to drip dry.
- Do not iron or steam on higher temperature then 110 °C.
- Do not bleach
- Do not tumble dry


- Ventilate your clothes as much as possible instead of washing them after every use.

- Wash your garments at as low temperatures as possible, either by hand or in a gentle cycle, low spin washing programme.

- If you wash your Gowna in a washing bag, that is protecting a lot. The risk of damage reduces.

- Always air dry your clothes instead of putting them in the dryer – not only is this less rough on your clothes, it also uses less energy.

- When detecting a stain, use stain removal on the specific spot instead of washing the whole garment.

- If your garment breaks, try to fix the issue instead of simply replacing the garment.

- Choose an environmentally friendly dry cleaner.

- When you are done with the garment, give others a chance to buy it second hand or donate it.